Coin Roll Hunting Half Dollars……..70 Year Old Coin

12 thoughts on “Coin Roll Hunting Half Dollars……..70 Year Old Coin

  1. I am so sorry I have not posted much lately. I have a lot of stress going on with my IN-LAWS. I will try to do better from this point going forward. Thank you all for being there for me. I really do appreciate all of you and knowing that you are all there makes things a LOT better. It makes me smile just to read all the comments.

  2. Pam, congrats on great box. Nice 1987, 90% silvers, and your first roll was a winner!

  3. Just a little comment on your don't be discouraged I'm not a big fan of customer wrapped rollswent to buy a box and they were half new have customer wrapped didn't find nothing in the new ones found a beautiful 1969 and a 2015 frosted Kennedy also in excellent shape so never give up I was on a 4 box skunk run and broke it

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