DON'T Leave Your Coin Collection To Loved Ones – Not Until You Watch This!

You don’t want to leave your coin collection to your loved ones unless you have prepared your collection and a living will. You don’t want to leave them a mess to deal with. If they don’t like coins or don’t know anything about coins, which is most often, then they’re not going to enjoy trying to sell them. It also creates a greater chance they will get ripped off.

Learn how to prepare your collection and how to leave your coin collection to your loved one. I am a dealer and this video will help you when leaving a numismatic estate or coin collection to your family.

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14 thoughts on “DON'T Leave Your Coin Collection To Loved Ones – Not Until You Watch This!

  1. Interesting thank you. Just give me food for thought. i have a living will but think might have to do adjustments. Have a gr8 day Daniel

  2. Ask the family well before you die and sell your collection if there is no interest. Problem solved. Involving lawyers is just insane. Leaving a coin collection is pure waste and really lazy.

  3. Yes I see this a lot if someone brings a collection in at my LCS when I am there buying something but he is an honest dealer what I am going to do is get my collection apparised so I can get it insured.
    A good friend of mine was taking care of his neighbor who was a collector he knew he was going to die he told my friend to cash in his 90% coins there was 10k in coins I would of like to go through them he did give him a bag of wheat penny's but if my friend was not there and he passed away who knows what would of happened

  4. You are right again … I inherited a large collection of Constitutional silver from my Dad and he didn't detail anything…no notes, nothing except he DID record his obsolete US banknotes inside the book. Right now my wife and kids wouldn't have a clue what to do with 3000 silver US coins. And then there is 200 oz of bullion [ silver eagles ] to consider. Mintage, key dates, varieties, condition, weights & measures and collectable values have my head spinning. I am going to need professional help here … lmao. Thanks as always for the valuable advice!

  5. My grandfather and great grandfather are both coin collectors, I'm also a coin collector who started about 5-6 years ago when I was either 10 or 11. It seems like their collection would be given to me when they leave eventually

  6. My small collection is not worth much but it's mine. I don't expect anyone else to love or appreciate it. In fact my collection has nothing to do with anyone else.

  7. hello sir,, im filipino,,i have a lot of rare coins,,penny dimes,jefferson and coins from diffirent is collection from my late mother….about pennies i have 1940,1944,1972,1974d,75,76,77,82,84.85,89….iwant to sell some of my rare coin,,pls reply

  8. Lost my first small collection of U.S. coins back in community college during 2011-2013 while also stacking silver. It's A long story, so don't bother asking what happened to them lol but anywho, fast forward to about 2017, I believe. I started throwing divided up pocket change onto paper plates followed by utilizing 2×2 flips before actually going through like 50 boxes of Cents, 20 Nickel, 10 Dime, 1 Quarter, and A couple Halves…

    Now, you won't believe how much my lot has kept getting bigger and bigger and BIGGER lol bought A 300lbs Winchester Security Safe which comes keyless for $200.00 from some guy who inherited it from his father who used it for the same sort of possessions LMBO gold, silver, numismatics, & ARMAMENTS!!

    Don't know if I'll ever have children, nor really want anyway neither, I'll definitely bless someone who deserves them one day. Though, until that not so near distant future day, I'mma keep stacking and cracking open rolls yo!!!

    Nice video, by tha way.


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