Knife making – making a folding coin knife

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Decided to try something different and make a folding knife from a coin. The coins used are pre decimal coins and are no longer in circulation.

12 thoughts on “Knife making – making a folding coin knife

  1. Darn those coins are not in circulation anymore… can I use an American quarter? Or what materials did you use/what was the coin made of? Also if it isn’t too much trouble what equipment did you use? I am looking to get more into crafting (I craft as a hobby).

  2. In a military it would be the ultimate weapon and it would be completely secret for a murder (No i am not crazy) but imagine how hard it would be to fine out the murder with no DNA what so ever not to mention no one would suspect a coin

  3. Hello Miller Knives, my name is Ajunte Burns, and I'm 22 years old. I'm a young writer and comic artist and I have 4 historical swords in my comic that I would like to be a part of my comic book. How much would it cost to make me 4 swords?

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