Oldest US Coin Found Buried in Stagecoach Stop Ruins

Deep in the Vermont mountains, I metal detect the stone ruins of a colonial era stagecoach stop and find pieces of America’s history that I never would have expected.

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11 thoughts on “Oldest US Coin Found Buried in Stagecoach Stop Ruins

  1. The horse bit you found is half of a full cheek twisted snaffle. You can still buy this style of bit today. The long square piece is what makes it a full cheek and it’s purpose is to keep the bit from sliding through the horses mouth. They are commonly used on horses in harness.

  2. Another fantastic video as usual. I have just been lucky enough to detect a beautiful silver 830AD penny from the Saxon era here in the UK.
    Keep up the good work buddy

  3. Learn more about the 1700s & 1800s from watching your videos than I did in History class. Keep em coming

  4. That snaffle horse bit.. the part that’s twisted goes in the roof of the mouth and it’s twisted to get the horses attention.. enjoy your work thanks

  5. Thank you so much. How wonderful for you to find "Nova C.". So exciting to see something you wanted as well. Sharing we us allows us to renew and review Our History of Our Country. We may not be pefect; allowing us a glimpse in past show most were very hard workers. Amazing reminded me of the pot & knive man with his horse and buggy coming around to fix items at my Grandmother's. Like to watch him sharpening the knives on the wheel, which was big. He past over 50 years ago. I was glad to know that history. When he past had a Will set up for scholarship to help children go to college. Looks can be deceiving for one never knows what a person has, fore he was cleaned but never new clothes. Wonder what I walked over and missed Historical reference. Thank you again. Peace. Be safe

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