Traders discuss how Facebook's Libra coin will impact crypto market

Will Facebook’s Libra coin cause a cryptocurrency boom? With CNBC’s Seema Mody and Melissa Lee, and the Fast Money traders, Pete Najarian, Tim Seymour, Steve Grasso and Guy Adami.

23 thoughts on “Traders discuss how Facebook's Libra coin will impact crypto market

  1. Libra will never be released. the government and world bank will never willingly share power like that

  2. Bitcoin is now widely accepted and also a good investment which yields good return on investment but also very volatile and not predictable. So it’s very unwise to just hodl without a good strategy waiting for the price of Bitcoin to skyrocket so you can have a payday which might end up not happening because of the volatile nature of Bitcoin. Now the price seems to be increasing and trying to stand strong on the $9,200 resistance, what you should do as a good investor is to have an efficient strategy of accumulating and increasing your Portfolio just in case a correction occurs and the price goes low so you can still make profit and if finally, the price sky rockets to the moon you would have a good stock in your portfolio. The only way to achieve this is by trading, am not an expert trader but a smart one because I use the signals and strategies provided by expert and seasoned traders. Here is what I do I trade only a certain amount of my Bitcoin take out 50% profit and hodl the remaining 50% by doing this am increasing and accumulating daily. I was taught this strategy by Mrs Rose Parker, I have used the services of many expert traders but no one comes close to Rose. Her signals and strategies are simple to understand and implement in your own trade and are accurate and efficient. I make 400% return on investment. It gets no better than this I mean I trade make profit and also learn. So for all those looking to do same I urge you to contact Mrs Rose Parker (roseparker3037@ gmailcom) or if you have any inquiries about cryptocurrency.

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  4. To hear Winklevoss discuss crypto is competely useless, as they will never say anything negative. They are invested up to their ears in crypto and of course has all the reasons in the world to want cryptos to go higher.

  5. You know who should really be terrified of Libra? Banks! Don't get me wrong it's not really a cryptocurrency but Facebook literally just declared war on the Big Banking Industry in the US. Big tech is coming for Wall Street and the banks are going to lose bigtime.

  6. so, if you offend someone online by having an opposing opinion they take away your ability to buy food. Almost sounds like some kind of mark from a beast.

  7. Money laundering? You mean like with USD? Banks better be quaking in their boots. Crypto going to change the world.

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