What If a Coin Sized Black Hole Appeared On Earth?

Black holes are one of our universe’s greatest and most destructive mysteries. Lets think about what might happen if a black hole appeared on earth.
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29 thoughts on “What If a Coin Sized Black Hole Appeared On Earth?

  1. Honestly, it's terrifying how easily something could send our entire planet into mass panic and kill us all within seconds

  2. Let's get to the point of me not understanding a fucking word of that in a sec..
    Dude, you didn't take a god damn breath!!! 😕😂 Lol
    Are you super human? Or did you just record yourself in short bursts of found knowledge and gel it together?? 😂🤣🤔🤨
    Every time I watch this kind of thing, I'm like errrrrm…???!! 🤔
    I'm a pretty intelligent person, but this stuff ~ Sheesh!!.. Goes right through me. 😕🙄
    Was interesting to try and keep up though, in between listening to the material, and you not taking a breath.
    Making me want to breath for you.. like when you see someone on TV under water for a long time. 💦😳😂

  3. The size doesn’t matter it can still wreck our planet. Even if it’s like 1 cm high.

    Unless we use flex tape.

  4. If blackholes did apear on earth after a few hundred years we would have people that specializes in stopping it making blackhole fighters

    Edit:fixed spelling

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