#Bitcoin continues its sideways accumulation. Should you buy Litecoin instead? Best ways to accumulate more $BTC, CCN shuts down over Google algorithm change, why banning crypto doesn’t work, fiat inflation, crypto news, and more!

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1:12 🎤 Crypto Zombie Podcast:
0:18 Markets 〽️
7:20 The importance of DCA:
11:36 Litecoin (LTC) block halving:
12:42 Best way to make more BTC?
14:08 One SAT more than some countries money:
16:11 306 new BTC ATMS:
16:57 AERGO token swap:
17:23 EOS dapp bots?
17:58 Bittrex screws over US customers:
18:34 CCN shutting down:
21:16 Commuity reactions:
24:11 CSW court date:
24:21 Philippines wars against cryptos:
24:49 Crypto can NOT be banned:

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12 thoughts on “Bitcoin Entering CRITICAL ZONE! MASSIVE ACCUMULATION!!! Buy LITECOIN or $BTC?

  1. It’s coming! Bitcoin mining reward halving 2020. Łitecoin August 2019….🌬….🏄‍♂️

    ‘The biggest supply shock in the history of financial markets’"""

  2. Bittube's spam issue has been fixed in the new platform, that is now in closed beta, and live in a few weeks. We all need to move to free speech platforms, you know this….. You don't stay somewhere toxic because you get more attention…. That's a silly argument.

  3. My question is when was the last litecoin halvening and when did it dump before the halvening? Ledger nano please

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