Don't Buy Bitcoin… | IKEA + Ethereum and US Fed Reserve Crypto?

Don’t Buy Bitcoin… | IKEA + Ethereum and US Fed Reserve Crypto?
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28 thoughts on “Don't Buy Bitcoin… | IKEA + Ethereum and US Fed Reserve Crypto?

  1. Woah! cool video 🤘
    We have a group in our community where we discuss such topics.
    You should definitely join the CrypTalk App.

  2. easy loaded 9,000USD into my bitcoin account, I texted him on 6 1 2 3 61 4523, he asked for few details and after it all I got the money

  3. I Hope it crashes hard and I can buy again when low 🙂

    Under 1000$ would be a damn dream. Then another bullrun to 20k maybe? 🙂

    It's like heart beat. I bet it won't never touch under 3k coz how much money and media has gathered over cryptos.

    Cryptos aren't even reached the mainstream that much so if it at one point took like over Europe. It could possibly explode.

  4. Okay if I don't buy bitcoin and ethereum which should I buy then? Because currently I am stacking ripple and Tokoin on kucoin.

  5. Well if it drops it will eventually go up. Bitcoin will recover perhaps twice as strong. Its the way of life this happens. Bitcoin is not going nowhere bro major companies are finally iterating its use worldwide just like XRP…

  6. Well, it's funny enough that people are still complaining about the loss of their BTC meanwhile majority individuals are still making a lot of profit with little investment.
    I was adviced by my friends to sell off my coins, I listened to their predictions and it affected me so much because I would have made lots of profits in the 2017 Bull run.
    I came across Mr. Ryan Faulkner who was a God sent to me through a comment on youtube, he gave me the full insight of both HODling and Investing my BTC OR MONEY.
    It was never my intention to release my BTC so I decided to give a try with 0.39BTC which is approximate 0.4BTC it was too risky for me.
    But unfortunately, it turns out that we never know what life holds for us.
    You can mail him** ( if you need his assistance too.

  7. 10 businesses lol. That is the reality of btc as a payment system it has failed. Most likely this is one of the reasons we have put in a lower high of 14k and I'm expecting a lower low. Yes, below 3k.

  8. The sovereign cryptos will be inflationary – fine for spending, but terrible as a haven for holding of investment money.

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