LIVE: Cryptocurrency News DAILY! – Bitcoin, Ethereum, ETF, Binance, & More Crypto News! May 14 2019

-GotSatoshi Fails To Deliver The “Real Satoshi”
-@APompliano Represents Crypto Well
-Bitwise ETF Delayed
-Bitcoin Records Highest Volumes Ever, Last Two Days

► Bitcoin Records Highest Trading Volume Two Days In A Row –
► “If You’re Not A Bitcoin Billionaire In 10 Years It’s Your Own Fault” –
► Ebay Denies Reports That It Will Accept Crypto –
► Bitwise ETF Is Delayed By The SEC –
► GotSatoshi (PAI News APP) Official Site –
► Pomp Defends Bitcoin Against Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary, On CNBC –

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14 thoughts on “LIVE: Cryptocurrency News DAILY! – Bitcoin, Ethereum, ETF, Binance, & More Crypto News! May 14 2019

  1. 00:14 Introduction

    01:33 Market Overview
    03:21 Bitcoin Record Highest Trading Volume Two Days in a Row
    05:30 Erik Finman: 'If you’re not a billionaire’ in 10 years ‘it’s your own fault'
    07:59 Ebay Denies Reports That It Will Accept Crypto Payments
    09:52 Bitwise Bitcoin (BTC) ETF Verdict Delayed By The SEC… Again
    11:28 Binance To Resume Deposits and Withdrawals at 11PM EST Today
    14:37 GotSatoshi: Anticlimactic Marketing Scam
    17:25 Anthony Pompliano VS Kevin O'leary Debate on CNBC
    28:39 Conclusion
    29:37 My Crypto Achievement List

  2. Cryptocrap? This guy has no idea… these guys don't understand the fundamentals. Ask them to try and learn about the Byzantine Generals problem.

  3. A non-bitcoin YouTube channel with 500k subs has just uploaded a Bitcoin related video. It's an investment channel – his audience have been telling him to talk about bitcoin this week The masses are only around the corner.

  4. Please Archive this Video, and then please play it back in a year so we can laugh at the Shark Tank Guy! Calling Bitcoin Garbage! Pstttt!

  5. People still don't understand that value is subjective. We assign value, we determine. The Mona Lisa is just wood and canvas…..we determine it is valuable because of rarity there is no other like it nor will there ever be. Same with BTC there will only be so many. …..think owning a share of the Mona Lisa.

  6. Omar bro the date on your video is last months lol , it confused me when i saw it but everything you talked about is current. Just letting you know bro, enjoy the movie.

  7. Полeзнoе видео!!

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