Bitcoin At Game Stop & Barnes & Noble, Bitcoin Price Forecast, Ledger Vault & Kakao Blockchain

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23 thoughts on “Bitcoin At Game Stop & Barnes & Noble, Bitcoin Price Forecast, Ledger Vault & Kakao Blockchain

  1. It’s because only bitcoin and Ethereum classic are offered to retail right now for grayscale. Getc AND GBTC. The rest are accredited and institutional only

  2. All the preparations over the last year, buying, accumulating, diversifying and holding is all about to pay off.

    This bullrun may last a few months in light of institutional investment companies coming online.

    Alt season is gonna be a hoot!

  3. You save me hours of research and reading by listening to you daily while working out and driving in traffic. They're news. I follow you and the news that you provide. I take your news as is and make decisions on my own which I found to be prosperous!

  4. Greyscale…let me explain: they offer all of these Trusts but they sell their products through large institutions such as fidelity and schwab etc. I have a schwab 401k and the only greyscale trusts available are gbtc and getc (ethereum classic). It doesn't suprise me at all the imbalance.

  5. We have been conditioned more and more to pay electronically with Apple Pay and cash apps. This will made crypto adoption much more seamless since it won’t feel that much different to the consumer.

  6. What's up again my fellow early adopters👋👋👋🚀🚀🚀…..Right back @ u TMI 👋👋

    Whole foods??
    All these retailers are making me laugh with their silly attempts to get their hands on the valuable crypto of many foolish Millenials..

    Personally I'd wait for more MASS adoption…and less….much less volatility.

    I mean just think, how stupid would you feel if you know you spent $84 for a cup of joe 4 years ago?

    Or $970 for a pair of socks from Nordstrom??

    Ill be interested when Lamborghini sells models for 0.5 BTC a pop thank you!☝

  7. Shared / about 5,000
    on FB (crypto groups)
    … admire you, not trolling
    but I’ll CALL YOU OUT on
    EOS / RIPPLE (Trojan horses)

  8. My mom and I got into Bitcoin and have been watching your videos since 4800$. We desire 1.0 btc and are buying the dips

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