BITCOIN & LITECOIN LIVE | BTC Price Dips Below $8k

Bitcoin and Litecoin price have both taken a hit today. In this bitcoin live stream, we quickly talk about bitcoin and litecoin charts and targets to downside.

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Litecoin price makes another strong move ahead of Bitcoin. In this technical analysis video, we talk about LTC and what we may see next for LTC price.

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Crypto Capital Venture is big on Litecoin, but also covers other cryptocurrency news besides just LTC. The crypto market is on the rise and with it is a growing demand for information on the cryptocurrency markets.

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18 thoughts on “BITCOIN & LITECOIN LIVE | BTC Price Dips Below $8k

  1. Yep! Continuing to DCA. It’s coming! Bitcoin mining reward halving 2020. Łitecoin August 2019..🥥 The biggest supply shock in the history of financial markets’

  2. Hey Dan, I am really appreciative of your patience and lessons that you are sharing with others. This video really helped me tonight. I have been watching you since Dec/Jan. 2017. I remember when you did that litecoin haircut. It's hard when it drops as it feels like you are on a roller coaster going down in your stomach. I have a lot invested and I really believe in digital currency and the change for positive for the world. Thank you for caring for others. I rarely sell and just bought again at 101. We have to stay strong.

  3. @Dan, what i heavy accumulation area is in the past? Whta's you plan? Buying at when it is up another 20+%?. We have been waiting for a dip long enough now. But we only had 5-10 % dips in BTC so far.

  4. You always bring a fair and realistic assessment of the market, not too ambitions or pessimistic. Thank you for making these videos.

  5. Again, nice buying time. Just picked up another $500 of BTC. If it is lower when I wake up I will buy some more.

  6. Lovely video remember to hit the like viewers in less than 3 years now binary trade has being the trend and have being doing so much in people life but not mine last year I was introduced to Binary trade, so I invested my coin without following the proper and normal procedure due to lack of knowledge, guide and ignorance so I lost most of my Bitcoin and this I have seen has happened to so many so I watched different videos on YT and different platform, so I cam across a video which was all about a Guru Trader Adrian Markus from Denmark who was praised and giving accolades, so I reached the comment box and saw how he people really appreciated him so I made sure I go a a way to reached him and I did, which I was surprised how things changed. He asked me about my trade experience which I know is bad so I told him about it and he asked me if I had coins left, I did so with the fear in me and my losses I jjst vibe with him, he thought me on how, when and whome to trade with providing me with a perfect signals, he introduced me to his specially designed layout which made trading even more easier and profitable now for 2BTC have increased my portfolio to 13BTC in less than a month, if you know you need advice or want to increase your portfolio reach him at via mail ((Adrianmarkus48@gmail. com))

  7. Dan i was wrong about capitulation. I thought wed break 3k anyway got some at 3500. DCA my LTC at 50$. Looking like 5500-6k gonna be the right spot to put most my cash stacked on gdax.

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