Bitcoin Price Holding Strong, What's Next? BTC Prediction, EOS, E*Trade – Crypto News

Bitcoin is holding strong following the retracement; even went back above $8,000 for a short while. Mattie is also talking about the latest BTC predictions, EOS news, and $346 billion giant E*Trade looking into crypto.
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BTC Holds strong! What next?

EOS Bot Transactions?

1 Satoshi worth more than some national currencies!

BTC Price Prediction for 2019

$346 Billion Giant E*Trade looking to Crypto?
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14 thoughts on “Bitcoin Price Holding Strong, What's Next? BTC Prediction, EOS, E*Trade – Crypto News

  1. The 'anchain' report is more subjective than it is objective and is therefore CRAP.  Poor job explaining methodology and results, …and even backtracked saying 'detecting bots is difficult''…….but they went out and gave their highly subjective estimate anyway.     Again —- shit article, shit study,…. anchain sucks at doing analyses

  2. mike josh, Brad Pitt, Michael Haynes and Crypto India accounts are either owned by same person, or are all paid 1 sats each by Mr. Rupica
    to spam YT channels.

  3. The whales are still in full control of this market. They dump a lot of BTC and then the public buys the price back up again for them because nobody likes to be still bearish after such a long time. Sentiment is so positive that it might actually be true because of this. Nobody would have thought the BTC price would be around 8-9k at this point. It all started with a 1000$ increase in just an hour or less. That was the signal that everybody decided that the bear market was over. And if enough people think that, it increases the chances of it actually happening. 8k for a Bitcoin is really expensive for 1 BTC at this point but in the big picture still a good buy. My only advice for investors and newbIes is to take advantage of Mr Rupica’s program, a pro trader who’s is helping investors accumulate more bitcoin through his amazing trading strategy, with his program I went from having 2.7btc to 9btc in just 3wks. You can reach him on rupicapuri05@gmail. com or Telegram @rupicapuri.

  4. I can't believe people in crypto still miss this point. If crytpo is here to replace fiat, then of course 1 satoshi can be worth more that $1US.

    Hyperinflation of fiat currencies could mean that your next car could cost you 1 million US. OR maybe 10 million. Hyperinflation will happen when people lose faith in the soundness of government managed money.

  5. Pledgecamp will be listed on Binance DEX imminently and I predict will richly reward supporters who, to their credit, have had to be patient. EOS on the other hand has no use case and no future IMO.

  6. I'm sorry I can't advocate for a centralized any coin and distributed decentralized exchanges are some of the only places you can actually buy cryptocurrencies

  7. I barely trust the weather mans predictions, these fellas really have no idea and are really just guessing what could happen assuming certain events take place, but no one really knows what the oligarchs have planned nexted, hodl, hodl BTC

  8. Lol the Viet Dong… I remember the Dong. I bought a doorstep wedge of them years ago in hope of a global currency reset/RV along with the Dinar. The idea was I was gonna get X cents per Dong after the reset and walk away very rich with a bundle of paper in my hand. LMAO! I was desperate! Anyway, thank goodness I got the idea to buy BTC in 2013….. (Actually, I still have that old Dong hidden away and some old Dinar too… I'm gonna go get it out and have good old laugh down memory lane with it. Sad thing is some people are STILL believing in the currency reset/RV).

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