China-US Trade War To Push Bitcoin Price To New Highs

The trade war is deepening between the US and China risking a systemically dangerous situation for the global economy. Does Bitcoin stand to benefit big time?

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27 thoughts on “China-US Trade War To Push Bitcoin Price To New Highs

  1. "Trade war" really ? How can you tell if btc goes up because of that ooooor because the US is printing money like a drunken sailor with no plan on stopping and the Democrats want to spend more money than the entire world has on the Green New Deal. Update the info man…. Mexico gave in to prevent tariffs. If the US had any sense at all they would buy btc xrp eth ltc by the billions to make the USD stay relevant……

  2. And on top of it China probably has the biggest gold reserve in the world. While US doesn’t even know for sure how much gold is actually in Fort Knox!

  3. We are due for a massive recession. I look forward to it because Crypto will go to the moon. Then I will start accumulating real estate.

  4. I have been a long time follower and believer in the Q anon Movement. Its obvious to me that Trump is Fighting a monster that wants global control. That Monster is/are the Central Banks. Trump was the first Foreign Leader to dine in China's Forbidden City since Modern China formed. Its a Big deal. Xi, Trump, Putin and Shinzo are working with each other to starve the Central Banker Beast. For some reason the Presidents dont want to Tell everyone, "leave the Dollar behind, get on the Crypto Currency wagon". If Trump were to tell people to get into Bitcoin, a certain percentage of people would rather chop their hand off instead. The Central bankers were shifting the economic engines into China and trying to leave America behind just like how they did to Europe into America after World War 2. I believe Trump and Xi are working together for a better world future. The China knows if they dont help trump defeat the central bankers, china wouldn't be able to do it on their own either.

    And I heard Mexico has backed down and submitted to Trump's proposed deal. Its clear to me, Trump Hits these countries with a stick(tariffs) then says, "Hey, do this for me and I will reverse these tariffs. And the dumb politicians on the otherside fall for it every time. hilarious really. And all the investors get scared and look for safe havens. Hopefully they find Cryptos.

    But lastly, it seems evident to me, Trump wants to tear down the Bush Dynasty that was being carried out by the Clintons and Obama. Trump doesn't give a shit about the Petrodollar. Trump wants a Crypto Economy. And the world is shifting in that direction.

  5. Cooler heads will not prevail. Trump and his minions get crazier with everyday. And when the mob in the US begins to suffer, they will come looking to steal wealth of us early adopters in the form of draconian tax policy. Yes it is us BTC investors that the public will call on to fund college for everyone and healthcare for everyone as well as all the other hair brained entitlement programs the US has promised its citizenry. My 2 Sats on this, hide your BTC in cold storage and make every attempt to keep yourself anonymous…that means dont report anything you do with your crypto to any govt agency and avoid KYC/AML like the plague!!!

  6. Well why does China build giant empty cities that are falling down before anyone moves in? I dont want to hear one response unless you actually look into what I said.

  7. I liquidated every last penny of all my holdings including retirement accounts (paid fees) — all funds and I mean all funds have been put into Bitcoin.

  8. The biggest holder of USA debt isn't China! Moron! China is the biggest foreign holder of debt, but the biggest holder of USA debt is the USA.

  9. Lark, you 'outdid' yourself on this one! I thoroughly enjoyed it and you couldn't make it any clearer, that was PERFECT, thank you so much for all you do!!

  10. I can help but notice your poster about assange. I read his story just yesterday and the letter he wrote from prison. My heart aches. This why i have alot of respect for you Lark you are not afraid to speak your mind. Thank you for another interesting video ❤️

  11. There is so much fake news out there. Its like the rich really don't want normal people to buy Bitcoin as there are fake scare news story slating bitcoin. If only they scratched the surface and did some research.

  12. This is the kind of thing people in the crypto space need to be more aware of. How world geopolitics and the old petro-dollar based economy will effect crypto markets. I believe crypto markets are the new economy that will replace the old one. I think it's been in the works for a while. Bitcoin was invented just after the last financial crisis. That is no accident.

  13. I keep wondering how beneficial or detrimental quantum computing will be for crypto. Your thoughts?

  14. Yes I do begin to wonder as terrible as it sounds that maybe a economic collapse is required to elevate crypto. Having said that I will lose a ton of money in the process that I can only hope would be more than countered with crypto ha!

  15. Excellent commentary.
    Yes China is probably more prone to burst into war than the US. Remember, they are a communist party. And their constitutional priority is simply to preserve the communist party. Just like the Tiananmen Square massacre, they will sacrifice their people to preserve the CCP power. They can push the trade war as hard as they like.
    Because they are not democratic, it will be more emotional on their end. Like Russia, they hate the US now and will definitely be working out how to stop supporting the USD with their Rusky buddies.
    You can imagine what happens to BTC when the USD eventually starts to decline.
    Hodl hodl hodl.

  16. Lark is the real deal. Other YouTubers seriously need to take a note. This is how it's done. No hype, no clickbait, no stupid bs….just solid, good information…educating people. There is small handful out there that are credible sources…Lark is at the top of that list.

  17. All cryptos are going to soar to distract the average netflixers from the upcoming economic Armageddon that is going to wiped out entire nations.

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