LIVE Bitcoin Areas Of Caution! July 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis

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24 thoughts on “LIVE Bitcoin Areas Of Caution! July 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis

  1. Thanks Mate! Im now always late to the party damn Chicago time! All good though, still much appreciated 😃

  2. Man. You give a lot of information out of context. Okay, in the stream a 2h close below 11400 would be bad… the 2h close completed below 11400 and nothing bad happened yey, actually the price rises like hell. Yesterday also in the stream, a 2h close below 200 SMA would imply down targets to 10700. Nothing happened. What are the purpose of your vids if nothing is learned and information is given out of context any second after painting a big picture??? Explain your information…

  3. Those of you going on and on about his mic are never going to be successful. You cannot get anywhere focusing on and complaining about things so insignificant. I would watch Krown's videos if he was talking through a fucking tin can attached to a string, because I care about what he's trying to teach. Keep up the videos Krown, you've given me more clarity with regards to trading than anyone else. Thank you!

  4. The only thing that offends me are people that get offended. That puts me in a catch 22 where I'm disgusted with myself. Also out of necessity I have mastered the art of trading on a cell phone, dang!

  5. Hey Krown tnx for keeping supporting us with amazing content although sometimes you face some trouble with devices. Your word are my magical gold. I’m here for that. Wish you all the best.

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  7. Thanks for the TA, dunno why people complaining, your stream was loud and clear, that's the main thing, hey I'd listen to you even if the sound was crackly 👍😁

  8. I don't think it's possible that you only eat beef. Don't you take Elsa to restaurants and stuff? Goat Jesus Christ man!

  9. Best crypto trading content on youtube. I am grateful to be able to observe and learn from you. Thank – you.

  10. Many Thanks as always! btw, i'd watch your stream if it was in sign language…audio coming through just fine

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