PAY ATTENTION: BTC's Target Price – These 4 Coins Will Help You Recover – NEW: Satoshi Evidence

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Was that the top for BTC?
Justin Sun meeting w/ Warren Buffet
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New: Satoshi Evidence
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30 thoughts on “PAY ATTENTION: BTC's Target Price – These 4 Coins Will Help You Recover – NEW: Satoshi Evidence

  1. the different points where Btc has increased were due to hacks so what is the story ? should we wait to buy Btc until it goes down to 6500? or get some now? thanks very much I am very new and haven't yet bought any

  2. Any new coin or token introduced to the market should be air dropped to all BTC holders since Bitcoin started this crypto revolution.

  3. What a whale dump. -$600 in less than 30 minutes. But it was bought back up to 8100 real quick. If this is a dip that should be close to it. Now back to 7800. If we fall under 7690 Could be bad.

  4. I've said this in another video, but there is no Satoshi Nakamoto that ever existed. It is similar to an episode of the office where Pam drew a portrait of the entire office into a single person named Loyd Gross in order for Jim and Dwight to embezzle the company after reaching their cap. Satoshi is an idea of multiple people whom which none of us really knows who. There are many rumours surrounding the possible group and/or person, but it was never proven and never will be. Identifying who is/are Satoshi Nakamoto is dangerous for not only the group, but maybe the entire crypto itself. It is best to leave it a mystery and just be grateful with the opportunity these group who made Satoshi Nakamoto and Bitcoin have given us.

  5. Enjoy your sense of humor. He needs some pills. Lolol. I think Mcafee would make it out the door. Lol. Good video. Thanks!

  6. No it wasn’t the top. Good grief. We still have mega-mass adoption to go yet, BAKKT has yet to open for business, still waiting on an ETF, still have a looong ways to go to at least 100K. People need to not worry about these dips. The overall trend is still bullish. Just wait it out, or buy more in the dip.

  7. Lovely video remember to hit the like viewers in less than 3 years now binary trade has being the trend and have being doing so much in people life but not mine last year I was introduced to Binary trade, so I invested my coin without following the proper and normal procedure due to lack of knowledge, guide and ignorance so I lost most of my Bitcoin and this I have seen has happened to so many so I watched different videos on YT and different platform, so I cam across a video which was all about a Guru Trader Adrian Markus from Denmark who was praised and giving accolades, so I reached the comment box and saw how he people really appreciated him so I made sure I go a a way to reached him and I did, which I was surprised how things changed. He asked me about my trade experience which I know is bad so I told him about it and he asked me if I had coins left, I did so with the fear in me and my losses I jjst vibe with him, he thought me on how, when and whome to trade with providing me with a perfect signals, he introduced me to his specially designed layout which made trading even more easier and profitable now for 2BTC have increased my portfolio to 13BTC in less than a month, if you know you need advice or want to increase your portfolio reach him at via mail ((Adrianmarkus48@gmailcom))

  8. This may be a super stupid question.. but I’ve always thought the Binance app I use on the iPhone, and Binances new decentralized exchange are different branches of Binance. Does their announcement of their Dex becoming blocked in the states in July mean that I can’t use Binance at all without a vpn??

  9. If you were some of these whales who bought it up from 4k 5k 6k why would you not sell , rinse, repeat… I think the chance of a good low dip 5 k ,4k is not out of the question. I personally hope so as I will never be able to buy enough BTC. Paul Solosthi… Good find. Better than Dr CW.

  10. Justin Sun and Mr.Buffet at the same table is almost laughable! Maybe the youngster can change the old farts point of view on cryptos! Hec, Warren might even buy some Tron! Come on Mr.Sun, if you can pull this off, you could probably sell ice to an Eskimo!

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