Snoop Dogg Offers Crypto Comfort

Those suffering sleepless nights from the latest cryptocurrency crash might find some comfort in the words of rap star, Dogecoin aficionado, and NFT kingpin Snoop Dogg. On Sunday, the artist told his 19 million Twitter ($TWTR@US) followers to “Buy Low…Stay High!!” Cryptocurrency investor Anthony Pompliano called Dogg a “legend” in response. Other social media posters commented on the practical difficulties involved in taking a chilled-out approach. Snoop Dogg is among the growing legion of celebrities that own non-fungible tokens. He owns a full set from The Bored Ape Yacht Club collection. He also owns pieces from the Cryptopunks, Artblocks, and XCOPY range of NFTs. Over the past week, the total cryptocurrency market cap declined from $2 trillion to about $1 and a half trillion, a fall of nearly 20%. Ethereum, the network on which a vast majority of non-fungible tokens are hosted, saw its namesake token fall about 25% over a seven-day period. At press time, ETH traded almost 2% higher over 24 hours. Meanwhile, DOGE, a meme coin that Snoop Dog supports, dropped nearly 20% over the week. At press time DOGE traded 2% higher.

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