Why are Bitcoin & Crypto Prices Crashing??? WTF?!?

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Bitcoin [BTC] flash drops within 30 minutes to settle below $6900: Silk Road to blame? This dip really is manipulation and is caused by algos and Cointelegraph. Abra CEO: SEC Denies Bitcoin ETFs Because Applicants Do Not Fit Industry Archetype.

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24 thoughts on “Why are Bitcoin & Crypto Prices Crashing??? WTF?!?

  1. kinda demonstrates how you and all of your fellow youtubers are just throwing darts in the dark about where this market is going

  2. You know what is amazing you can straight see the market manipulation. Now we saw the technicals and it was forming a triangle and RSI was high Bitcoin was going to have to break one way or another. But to see the Big Boys move 1 billion dollars from a wallet a couple of days ago and see the shorts sky rocket 🚀 something was getting ready to go down. They see how fast this market moves and realize they have to keep it down until the ETF’S are set up. But they are smart of enough to not loose money as they are suppressing the market by taking shorts. Now, they also are smart enough to not allow Bitcoin to fall to low because it will effect the miners and they don’t want them shutting down. They got this down to a science they don’t want the market cap to fall to low below 200 Billion. But this market is moving to fast for them and they’re having to sell there Bitcoin and immediately short at the same time to keep this market slowed. They need to hurry up with those dam ETF’S. Because people are getting reckt in this volatile market. There’s a lot of inexperienced traders in this space and they panic. I mean I’m not that experienced but I got a whole lot of FAITH😛

  3. When you have an overvalued asset, it’s going to keep correcting. That’s really all that’s been happening to BTC. Alts are even more overvalued. 90%+ does nothing of value yet have marketcaps of millions.

  4. u said u were gonna sell for stable token and just after you that it's time to get in if you have fiat on the side
    so you buy high to sell low and advice us the opposite

  5. I dont understand how the whole market can fall in such an orderly fashion just because of bitcoin. Like is it all full of shit or is it all just people with trading bots or something. Hash tag modern gambling not stock trading

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