[Read] Cryptocurrency Forensics For Free

Whereas Bitcoin (and other blockchain cryptocurrencies) has traditionally been the payment system of choice for a criminal trading on the Dark Web for example, cryptocurrencies are now entering the mainstream with many traders now accepting them and more low-end investors putting their money into the many cryptocurrencies coming to market. This is bringing crimes that include cryptocurrencies in some way into the mainstream. The blockchain can even be used to hide information, even covert messaging, unknown to most investigators.The book will teach an investigator all they need to know about the technology and how to investigate different crimes that may use cryptocurrencies.To learn and fully understand blockchain and transaction technologies To be able to set up and run cryptocurrency accounts To be able to build information about specific addresses To be able to access raw data on blockchain ledgers For the student to be able to track transactions To enable the student to apply techniques to identify real world users in a transaction To understand the methodology for seizure of ‘coins’ To be able to explain the technology and actions taken during the investigation

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