Thomas Lee INTERVIEW: 'Bitcoin to FOMO rally 200 to 400%!' | Chepicap | Cryptocurrency News

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Chepicap had an interview with Fundstrat Thomas Lee at the CryptoCompare Digital Asset Summit 2019 in London. We spoke about Lee’s Bitcoin price prediction and what he thinks the next catalyst for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency will be.

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5 thoughts on “Thomas Lee INTERVIEW: 'Bitcoin to FOMO rally 200 to 400%!' | Chepicap | Cryptocurrency News

  1. i felt most of the questions were too speculative based. How much do you think BTC will go to? What will it pull back to after $40k? How much will this and that pump it up. So much of the conversation around BTC is around price speculation which I think isn't good for sustainability of BTC. I think better questions would be around adoption

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