Ampleforth, The most interesting store of value cryptocurrency…

Bitcoin has a competitor, you have read that correct, bitcoin has long been number one store of value token coin in cryptocurrency but ampleforth cryptocurrency is a worth competitor with regards to being new, and interesting, I have never seen anything like ampleforth cryptocurrency in my life and it find ampleforth to have a revolutionary token model for store of value coins. It is super interesting and for sure gives us a new way to perceive bitcoin. Bitcoins price is looking good at the moment and the way ampleforth cryptocurrency token model works is ingenious.

The idea behind ampleforth is to create a store of value that is measured in an entirely different way, imagine bitcoin having no set supply, and the supply was based on a smart contract that adjusts to demand, if the demand goes up, the supply increases and you make money, if the demand goes down and people are selling the supply decreases and you loose money, for example

If the market cap is 20 million dollars, the token value is pegged to the dollar every 24 hour period, so the price resets to the dollar, when the price resets, say the price was up 10% on the day prior, then the supply increases by 10% and so do your holdings, and the coin resets to a one dollar value

You can find information about ampleforth and its IEO below

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11 thoughts on “Ampleforth, The most interesting store of value cryptocurrency…

  1. How do we know that the actually investors are true? says brian armstrong is an investor, also Huobi and lots of other high profile companies and people.
    You will get tons of Shit if this project actually end up to be crap or a scam.
    Then again even Ivan has done a video on them.

  2. I done some reasearch and found out possibly the the real Satoshi was a computer programmer that is now in jail, and worked for the government possibly, his name is Paul Solotshi (Satoshi) Carder le Roux please talk about this and tell us if bitcoin will be affected once more people find out about this guy. I dont mean to spread fud but it is an honorable mention. Thank you.

  3. Ampleforth, like the village in Yorkshire? You're from Yorkshire. Have you created a coin and started shilling it on your channel? Dude…haha

  4. It's a very interesting concept and idea. Seems like it could possibly be corrupted more easily though with a back door to the contract. Also what sets the price? I know initially it will be $1 but what safeguards are in place to prevent from someone changing it drastically one way or another.

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