CHIVES COIN XCC Network, Tutorial Installation & Configuration for MadMax Windows (Video) • JOIN US!

Chives Coin (XCC) is a hard fork created by Volunteers in the Community using Chia™ code.
It is a completely decentralized and Community driven Cryptocurrency, No Pre-Mine, No ICO.
It is a blockchain system which consume low power and it’s environmentally friendly.

• English name: Chives
• English abbreviation: XCC
• ICO: No
• Pre-Mine: No
• Description: Hard fork of Chia™
• Block time: 18.75 seconds
• Block reward: 200 XCC
• Block reward distribution (stages 1 and 2): 90% allocated to miners (180 XCC) and 10% to the Community (20 XCC)
• Block reward distribution (stage 3): 45% is allocated to Miners, 45% is allocated to Master Nodes & 10% is allocated to the Community
• Reward halving: Halving every 3 years until it reaches a block reward of 12.5 XCC, which will be by from 13th year
• Total issuance: No upper limit
• Chia™ plots compatible: No, it requires new plots
• Plot supported: New K29-K30-K31

What are you waiting for, join our Community of Chives Coin (XCC) Network !


• Chives Coin Official Website:
• Chives Coin Official Community:
• Chives Coin Official Swap:
• Chives Coin Official Blockchain Database:
• Chives Coin Official GitHub:


• Chives Coin Official Green Paper:
• Chives Coin Official NFT Game White Paper: chives-farm-game-white-paper-english/

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