Cryptocurrency Exchanges a lot will go broke in two years

There are 301 Cryptocurrencies Exchange on CoinMarketCap and around 9000 globally. 99% in 2 years will be broke. Cryptocurrency Exchanges need to have lots of clients , trading with lots of volume to make revenue – without it they will not survive. A report uncovered by Messari shows many small Cryptocurrency exchanges have no volume which means no revenue or clients ( this also includes the names we suspect).
Also the report shows that volumes are zero when these small cryptocurrency exchanges fraudently record they are doing volumes which are not true.

13 thoughts on “Cryptocurrency Exchanges a lot will go broke in two years

  1. Hi Susie. In reference to an older vid of yours. Did you ever find out any about the mysterious price movement or Non – movement XRP?

  2. I think The hype in xrp has to cool down ..this Will take its time .
    People including me had to much expetations.
    During The time i think vechain Will give some gains ..they have much less regulation on them ..allso they are upp and running.

  3. Thanks for your video, small remark and not very important but Binance is spoken like BInance, not beNANCE, emphasis on Bi… just like Finance but with a B.

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