Cryptocurrency Frenzy: Why are World Governments Jumping onto the Crypto/Blockchain Train?

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14 thoughts on “Cryptocurrency Frenzy: Why are World Governments Jumping onto the Crypto/Blockchain Train?

  1. Confront your fear. Your fear and constant state of over analysis will lead you into confusion and into becoming No Coiner.

  2. Good points! But one thing many folks are glossing over is that cryptos are not just digital currencies. They are security truth machines. What that is …is a currency which is on a public ledger that anyone and everyone can see. Unlike credit cards which are mostly private to only those involved in the transaction.
    And another thing is that any government issued crypto currencies will most likely be inflationary in nature ( meaning more can be continually printed) and will be rejected by the masses.
    If Tunisias digital currency is deflationary in nature AND is on the public ledger, then it IS a true crypto. If not, then it is just a digital form of a dieing fiat currency.

  3. The fact they’re promoting that Tunisia has a “digital currency” is evidence how stupid and gullible and “asleep” everyone is. As you said Mike, it’s NOT new, they’ve had digital currency for decades, and payments using this system take days & weeks because everyone in the “middle person central bank cartel chain Ponzi scheme” wants their cut. It’s marketing and publicity for the brain-dead who STILL BELIEVE the banks & governments are looking out for their best interests. It stops here and now, with people like you, me, and your listeners and other like videos on open source news channels.
    🙏🏾for your persistence, curiosity & inquisitiveness, and especially COURAGE to challenge the stories put out by the banks, governments, and corporations.

  4. Get Max on again and discuss your 'governments created bitcoin' theory. Would be a great show! You could be right, but it doesn't make sense to me. For your theory to make sense, bitcoin would have to be centralized.

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