Facebook's Cryptocurrency is the 9/11 [D-DAY] for BANKS! – Libra? Facecoin? – THE END!!!

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19 thoughts on “Facebook's Cryptocurrency is the 9/11 [D-DAY] for BANKS! – Libra? Facecoin? – THE END!!!

  1. Libra is centralized corporate digital currency. I wouldn't touch it… As if you could trust facebook with anything…

  2. Interesting video👍Notice that former UK Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg now works for Facebook. Overall good for Bitcoin. See Wikipedia below

    ‘In October 2018 it was announced Clegg had been hired as a lobbyist and public relations officer in his role as Vice-President, Global Affairs and Communications at Facebook, replacing Elliot Schrage’

  3. You were worried about XRP, because of your biased position and awfull information about it. Now you have a real worry. FB coin is like the big brother all together. That's centralized, that's not secure, that's your personal information and financial info sold to anyone who wants to pay it for. Se ya Petaaaaar!

    Ps> What happened to your channel man?

  4. Facebook is dying. The move to digital currency not controlled by government was always going to happen eventually. Now we wait for Google and Amazon Coin.

  5. Very good interesting thoughts my friend! And we have telegram main net launch in a few weeks too… With Facebook-Global Coin things seem to go in this direction of no privacy at all… is it only a bad thing? No necessary, as also fraud and corruption may be easier traceable, but what becomes very bad and frightening is the monopoly when you might dictate everything on that basis. And AI may even take over. So at the end it is up to the people if they choose with intelligence different parties or if everyone just jumbs on Facebook because it is most profitable f.e… There is still a free choice factor, lets hope people will choose wisely and go for freedom and varity…

  6. youre a complete idiot to think this is a good thing. its replacing one evil with an evil unimaginably worse. and this evil knows your better than you know yourself. the most centralised dictatorship with no free speech no privacy and no freedom, which is what btc was invented to get away from.

    youre lost
    good luck surrendering your soul

  7. I’m so disappointed ☹️ in your reaction Peter. Facebook is a play coin with no value. BTC is a store of value. BTC TO THE MOON.

  8. yes its a dud
    its lives he wants to control,
    imagine saying something fakebook dont like you will be fined 100 zucker bucks
    get a clue

  9. Damn l were has the world come to when we have to choose between government the bank sters or face book, bizarre times!

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