Why Facebook's Cryptocurrency Is Part Of Something Bigger

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What do you think about Facebook’s Libra Coin?

Let’s discuss!


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Facebook plans June 18th cryptocurrency debut. Here’s what we know


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21 thoughts on “Why Facebook's Cryptocurrency Is Part Of Something Bigger

  1. I don’t know about you,
    But I have invested billions $ in Facebook.

    I am ready for the greatest Return On Investment of all time.

    The world is ready.

  2. If anything, we are receiving a world,
    A digitally connected world,
    In which Value is built in.

    Bitcoin, & the crypto space,
    Have challenged every major government, corporation, bank, university, and industry,
    On the planet..

    It’s not Checkmate,
    But it’s both our turn and theirs,
    To play bigger..


  3. You’ve always been “one of”,
    If not my favorite.. in the class 😎🙏

    I have been away, as well..

    We’re baaaaack..

    Watch out world! 😆🔥

  4. Facebook needs to be dismantled completely and a full investigation had into its origins, funding and activities.

  5. Bitcoin was invented by the government. Everyone hops on board with dreams of being rich and then accepts a universal currency. Government takes over Facebook and then implement global currency through the well accepted Facebook.

    This was all a way to implement a NWO universal currency.

  6. Perhaps an unpopular opinion, but I really do think Elastos has a significant part to play yet in changing the rules of the game, in allowing for a paradigm shift in the internet environment that contrasts the current, centralised data silo model. The internet enabled the tech giants fundamentally via it's architecture, much in the same way banks have been led astray morally by the construct of their regulations. Exploitable now and forever on because those exploits just happen to exist, and because humans generally lack foresight. That is until people get fed up and decide to make a change. I believe as they once did (and are continuing to do) by choosing Bitcoin in response to the financial state of the world, so too will they do again with the internet in response to a data crisis. It's just going to take some time.

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  8. I’m not interested in more of the same with a different label. A controlled centralized behemoth knowing my every move, my personal life and controlling everything and everyone.
    I choose decentralization and BTC as my form of currency, store of value and medium of exchange. Only 21million ever to be minted. Have you lost your way?

  9. That “today is a gift, that’s why it’s called the present” is from Kung Fu panda, don’t be trying to take credit for that one

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