Why I got into Cryptocurrency and XRP

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These videos are for entertainment and are not meant to be any type of financial advice. The opinions expressed in them are strictly based on personal speculation. DON’T should not take my opinion as financial advice, DO your research before investing anywhere.

13 thoughts on “Why I got into Cryptocurrency and XRP

  1. You guys need to research social engineering.. Then how it has affected XRP. Then you will realize the lies. Until then you are moon crickets

  2. Sky is falling, we are going to lose everything, the end is near, XRP & all crypto going to zero
    LOL – just relax people. Amusing dip right now for sure, weak hands falling left & right.

  3. Dude.. you seem like a good guy… if you really wanna make money invest in btc instead.. just my humble opinion…

  4. If you are wealthy, don't speculate.
    If you have nothing and you want to become wealthy :

  5. these price actions are extremely similair like in the period Q3 2017….XRP has real value, don't worry guys! If you can, buy more if you can reduce your average price. As the Duckman himself says: "Don't let the daily price kick you directly in….."

  6. Sad day today folks XRP 18.7 % down on coinbase, better stack up, this cannot last, some huge whale manipulation going on!

  7. Same here, I won't sell until it has some significant return value. As it looks now, the best rate of return for XRP was last Jan 2018

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