Full version Digital Currency Investments: The Top 10 Digital Currencies Best Sellers Rank : #2

Digital Currency InvestmentsCurrency Exchanges and the Top 10 Digital CurrenciesDo you know the top 10 digital currencies?Those that have the same attributes as Bitcoin; Accepted, divisible, stable, consistent, easily recognizable and with a long history of acceptance.Do you know how to read digital currency exchanges so you can see the winners and the losers?This book will show you the top 10 digital currencies and also how to follow their progress on the exchanges.A great introduction to investing in this new economy.Although still in its infancy, digital currency is already proving to be a major financial force.The question is, does digital currency have a part to play in relation to the future of financial services?If we look at the current level of acceptance of Bitcoin and the degree of retail adoption as a legitimate form of payment, if we look at the number of service providers becoming Bitcoin aware, if we see the number of governments around the world who have now conceded and accept digital currency as legal assets, if we note the amount of Bitcoin ATM’s popping up all over the world, then I think we already know the answer to this question, or at least we can make an informed decision.Digital currency is not going away and its future appears to be predicable, it is here, it is making its mark, it is being adopted.Digital currencies have the ability to be the next boom, bigger than the dot com boom and much bigger than the housing boom, are you watching from the sidelines or are you in?Includes a glossary of terms related to bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology

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