What is Crypto-Currency?

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11 thoughts on “What is Crypto-Currency?

  1. Bitcoins are more worst then the Fiat money from FED.
    1. The 4. Intelligence controls the transaction, all actions.
    2. Is no way, that is fallen from heaven without permission from them.
    3. This Free Speech / Freedom / Rights/ Law and Order.. are only for us mortals.
    4. Is all myth, Oh he was brilliant and know is a Bilionär or hardworking .. NO FUCKING WAY !!!
    5. In the Past, oh, hardworking man and women make a revolution. Translate to present days.
    Example: Angola makes a Revolution against the USA. Defeat the $ policy and fight to get free from the Empire. No Fucking way !!!
    America will visite Angola and: Oh, what a beautiful country, we should have a Base "of Freedom" here to protect the people from the former Regime. And Game Over Angola.
    6. We all see Peace and freedom all over the world.
    I can not believe, that 13 colonies from the new Continent America make a Revolution and get free from the British Empire, What ??
    7. Washingtons Brother was an employee of the Empire and after the Revolution Business as usual? No sanctions against the Empire and no cleaning from the spy's just nothing, oh Hare Hare Krishna. What?
    = The British Empire rules over many colonies, such as Canada, South Africa, Australia, NewZealand, and the rest.
    Defies his enemies: Bourbon-France, ..-Spain. After That a fake revolution in France. Bloody and eval. Makes the French bankrupt and kill their elite. …

  2. In short: fake made up currency just like the fiat dollar we’re using today!!!!
    So when someone says crypto is the savior of the money problem I’m like WTF R U TALKING ABOUT!

    So let’s replace one failed currency with another currency that has all the problems that the original currency had for fuck sake!

    I can’t believe I live on this planet alongside u idiots!

    Go ahead sheeple make ur own currency up fucktards!

    The only plausible sustainable currency is backing ur money up with gold and silver reserves

    what’s so hard to understand?
    U small minded simpletons

    It’s in our constitution that all money shall be backed up by gold and silver!
    U live in America u should be required to study and read the
    God damn constitution and know ur bill of rights!

    Ugh can I opt out of this dumb ass society?
    Please I’ll be exempt from voting
    Participating but I’ll still pay my fair tax through the things I purchase only!

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