Types of Pearls

Types of Pearls – as part of the Wedding series by GeoBeats.

I am Jessica with the Premium Pearl company where pearls are our passion. There are 4 main types of pearls. There are fresh water pearls, Akoya pearls, South sea pearls and Tahitian pearls.

Fresh water pearls are an excellent choice for fashion forward fashion conscious women. And one little secret about fresh water pearls is that they are the most affordable kinds of pearls. Their sizes have a wide variety of range of about 2mm to 20 mm.

The prices that you are looking at are about 35 dollars for a pair of earrings to hundreds of dollars for a necklace. They also come in a wide variety of shapes as well and wide variety of colors. White, pink, lavender, chocolate, cranberry and black, chocolate being my personal favorite actually.

Akoya pearls are absolutely beautiful pearls. A good example would be the necklace that I am actually wearing right now. They have a very high luster and their overtones are absolutely extraordinary. They are great for special occasions. Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy loved to wear Akoya pearls. The popular sizes on Akoya pearls are generally 7 to 8 mm, but the other sizes are about 5 to 10 mm.

Their color choices are white with pink overtones, white with silver overtones, and black. Now a general rule that I always like to make sure that people understand about Akoya pearls is that the white with a pink overtones generally tends to look very good on fair skinned people. Whereas white with silver overtone tends to look very good on darker skinned people.

They generally range from about 45 dollars for a pair of earrings to 250 dollars for about a 6 and a half to 7mm necklace. You are looking at about 1,100 dollars for a 7 and a half to 8mm necklace of high quality or high grade. They are very elegant, classy choice of jewelery to choose for any special occasion.

South sea pearls are absolutely extraordinary gems. They are the rarest and the largest kinds of pearls. Their general colors are white, silver, and golden with the most preferred colors being white and golden. Their sizes are about 10mm to 15mm and they can go upto 20 mm in some rare species.

They are the highest price range of any other kind of pearl with about 300 dollars for a pair of earrings or a pendant is what you would pay to thousands of dollars for a necklace. But they are also an ideal choice for the mother of the bride in wedding parties.

Tahitian pearls are generally considered to be very exotic. They are the only naturally occurring black pearl. They are absolutely beautiful. They come in a variety of rainbow colors, not just black. So they are black, peacock, gray, blue and green. However black and peacock are generally the most favorite colors, the most preferred.

The general sizes tend to range from about 8 to 18mm and popular sizes are about 8mm to 11mm. The common shape sizes of Tahitian pearls are round, nearly round, baroque, drop and oval, and the most popular ones are round. An idea of the price range – the earrings would be about a 100 dollars on average. You would be looking at about 800 dollars for a baroque pearl necklace and about 300 dollars for a round pearl necklace for Tahitian pearls.

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