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New Wise Token to Join The Binance Smart Chain.

Wise is taking the Ethereum world by storm, and now it’s about to go live on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). On April 27th, WiseSoft, the business behind Wise, will run a Wise Liquidity Transformer Event (LTE). This will lock an optimum of 200,000 BNB into a liquidity swimming pool on PancakeSwap and give early financiers an opportunity to scoop $544,000 in prizes along the way!

The LTE will last for 15 days, giving BSC users a fair chance to participate. WiseSoft is anticipating to develop a $200 million liquidity swimming pool of BNB-backed Wise (ticker “WISB”) on PancakeSwap through the LTE. Definitely none of the funds raised through the LTE will go to WiseSoft, with the WISB smart agreement instantly locking away the liquidity pool to produce overall decentralization.

BSC users who participate in the LTE will have the ability to use the WISB staking contract to stake their tokens, earning interest at the same time. Tokens can be staked for as much as 42 years, with the typical stake length being 2.4 years on the Ethereum blockchain. Set for a Q3 birth, WiseSoft is developing a completely decentralized agreement that allows for financing and loaning cryptocurrencies on a decentralized exchange without the requirement for central price oracles or human intervention.

If you’re going to take part in any presale, it’s constantly good to know the information. The LTE will begin on April 27th at 00:00 UTC and last for 15 days. After the 15-day duration is completed, the contract will initiate and complete combination with BSC and PancakeSwap. If 200,000 BNB is raised prior to completion of the 15-day period, the occasion will end early, and the integration agreement will initiate.

There will be incentives as much as $544,000 as rewards for presale investors with 6 various methods to qualify for a cut of the incentives pool. Prizes range from 1% cashback to a $100,000 grand prize for the greatest investor.

With the Wise staking platform offering everyday staking intervals that range up to 42 years, BSC users are about to be able to level up their staking game. The longer you stake your Wise and provide liquidity to the network, the higher your rewards will be.

Another part of the Wise community is referring buddies and other individuals. Both parties gain from this, with stakers getting a 10% extra interest-earning power if they utilize a referral link and stake for more than one year. Affiliates, in return, gather staking interest from the 1% annual inflation designated to referees who meet the recommendation requirements. Instead of the 3% inflation split between countless stakers, this 1% inflation is shared by a smaller sized group of affiliates (currently at 294).

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