Robinhood Tests Crypto Wallet

Robinhood ($HOOD@US) Markets is testing new crypto technology that could signal a massive expansion of its platform. Bloomberg News reported on Monday that Robinhood is considering cryptocurrency transfer features and a crypto wallet. With the new technology, the platform would allow consumers to send and receive digital currencies like Bitcoin. Consumers who have the beta version of the Robinhood iPhone app have seen the work done on this new technology. Shareholders of the firm have been waiting for quite some time for more crypto options—specifically a crypto wallet. The company also said recently that it plans to roll out a recurring investment option for crypto, allowing its users to purchase digital coins with zero commission or just $1 on a schedule of their choosing. While Robinhood has declined the comment on the story, it has already pushed forward innovations and a recent IPO. The firm allows users to discover new IPOs, and it partnered with Burger King ($QSR@US) to give away crypto tokens. Users who want to learn more can go to the Robinhood app and sign up for the waiting list to access the new crypto wallet feature.

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