Chia Plotting Using Delays + More Q&A (Is Chia a LOTTERY?)

Efficiently plot Chia: Don’t bottleneck the bus, and use delays. We answer more questions about Chia Coin. More plots means more chances to win … but is Chia a lottery?

Once plotted, Robbie plans to move his Chia farm over to a Raspberry Pi for ongoing farming.

The Chia Network offers a cryptocurrency that can be mined on a Raspberry Pi and turn as much profit as a traditional mining rig while using very little electricity.

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0:00 Introduction
0:25 Q: Is 4 TB your starting point, or total recommendation for a Chia farm?
2:16 Q: Will a 30 TB Chia farm be profitable? When will pools be available?
2:36 Q: When will pools be available?
3:04 Q: Will a 30 TB Chia farm be profitable?
8:46 Plotting your Chia farm
19:00 Final Thoughts
19:43 Closing Credits

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