Coffee Break – January 24, 2021

Despite internet issues, the show goes on. bp9 still needs to get encryption and signing working on his client server app but wants to focus on the data exchange algorithm first. Doug is here so he gets to see the keyboard for his Raspberry Pi, but he already got a new one. Now he needs to fix DRM on his browser. Solbu attended a funeral this week: our condolences. Peter is using nasty chemicals to etch the PCB for his antenna switcher and is also dealing with major dental issues. bp9s PinePhone is working well but its software center severely limits app choices. bp9 is joined by Doug, Peter and Solbu.

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Topics Discussed:

– Client/Server application still needs encryption and signing.
– Encryption should work OK, but signing is not working reliably.
– Even when I run the test cases that were shipped in the source code for the library, sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. About 60% of attempts work, 40% do not. Encryption ALWAYS works. Signing does not always work.
– bp9 still needs to finish writing the data exchange algorithm then will return to encryption and signing.
– Shows off the “Think Outside” keyboard for Doug now that he is here. 🙂
– Keyboard works well with Raspberry Pi and also works really well with PinePhone.
– Keyboard is only 10% smaller than the letter portion of the full-size keyboard.
– Laments about internet choices in the internet: what sucks and what sucks less.
– Likes the pinephone but you are restricted on where you can get applications to install.
– pinephone points to “Software Center” by default, which does not have evolution or firefox available.
– Expected the pinephone to be a basic linux box with a phone attached.
– SSH works well to and from the pinephone, but only responds IF the display is lit up.
– CPU in Pinebook (NOT Pro) is the same as PinePhone so theoretically the apt sources for pinebook should work on the pinephone.
– Would like to get RobertK into a future Coffee Break to talk about crypto currency
– Also Ameridroid to talk about Various SBC (Single Board Computers)

– Found IPazzPort WiFi keyboard for RasPi.
– Now he is having issues with Chromium which will not play any DRM content.
– DRM = Digital Rights Management
– Peter and Solbu suggest Doug should be able to just enable DRM since it is deactivated by default.
– Could also install a different browser, which might install a common library that will get DRM working on the other browser.
– Not sure what entertainment package to use; Plex would work but he does not want to crack DRM on DVD or BluRay because that means breaking the law here in USA.

– Shows up late
– Jokes about the cost of aeroplane parts
– He and a fellow Ham Radio friend are working on the circuit board for his antenna switcher.
– Jeff Weston should note: They are using all kinds of nasty chemicals to etch the circuit board.
– Is dealing with some pretty major dental issues.
– His mother got “the injection” and it was a fiasco

– Suggests that /etc/apt/sources.list will show what package sources are available to apt.
– Had to go to a funeral this week. Our condolences to Solbu for the loss of his uncle.
– Would love to implement bp9’s suggestion of getting an aeroplane but that costs millions (but we don’t know the exchange rate of his currency)

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