Cryptocurrency: How to Find it, How to Track It: Part Two

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Course Materials:

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Provides 1.0 CLE credit total: Skills (appropriate for experienced attorneys only in this format)

This program was presented by the BAEC Matrimonial and Family Law Committee

Vanessa C. Gabriele, Esq., Gabriele Law, PLLC, Co- Chair, Matrimonial & Family Law Committee

Daniel J. Schuller, Esq., Pfalzgraf Beinhauer Grear Harris Schuller LLP, Co- Chair, Matrimonial & Family Law Committee

Nicholas G. Himonidis, JD, CFE, CCFS, CCFI, The NGH Group

In this session, computer forensic expert, Nicholas Himonidis will explain the benefits of digital forensics when accessing the spouse’s electronic devices and examining transactions on the Blockchain.

Learning Objectives:

1. What is cryptocurrency?

2. Types of “wallets” a spouse might use to hold/hide cryptocurrency

3. Cryptocurrency exchanges and obtaining documents

4. Documents available

5. Investigative Techniques & Computer Forensics

6. Questions attorneys should ask their clients

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